(formerly Bonnie and Clyde)

This charming brother-sister duo were found living in a shed in downtown Regina. They were rescued and safe in RACs care just days before the first snowstorm of the year. They are still a bit timid but with the help of their loving foster mom they are learning to trust humans. They adore the resident cat in their foster home so would be good with other cats. They are now 10 months old and are looking for their own home. They are a bonded pair and we’d love it if they could go to a forever home together.  Adoption fee is $125 each If you’d like more information re Bonnie &Clyde, pls email

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This little diva was born on the street to a tame mamma cat who had been abandoned. She’s been a bit timid since taken into care, but she’s learning to trust people with the help of her patient and loving foster dad. Chloe enjoys a good game of chase with her litter mates and will even relax on your lap once she’s come to know you. She is 8 months old, spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and tattooed. She would do well with another cat to keep her company. If you are interested in this pretty girl, pls contact Adoption fee: $125



Casper spent the first 2.5 months of his life on the street  until he was scooped up and placed in foster care with RAC.  He’s an energetic little guy who’s full of spunk.  He loves to play with teaser toys and enjoys a good game of chase with his litter mates.  He’s done well in his multi-cat foster home and would do well in a home with another cat to keep him company. Casper is 8 months old and will be neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and tattooed the first week of March.  Email us at if you are interested in adopting him.  Adoption fee: $125 



Charlie spent the first 2.5 months of her life on the street until she was rescued by RAC.  She’s come a long way with the love and care of her foster dad.  Charlie loves spending time with her foster dad either curling up on his lap for a snooze or helping him out in the kitchen.  She is a quiet, mild-mannered girl and does well with the other cats in her multi-cat foster home.   Charlie is 8.5 months old, spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and tattooed.If you’re interested in Charlie, contact reginaalleycats@gmail.comAdoption fee: $125       

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There is something very wrong in the world when a tiny kitten is abandoned to fend for herself outside.  That's the conclusion reached when a tame little one like Duchess is found and goes unclaimed.  At barely 4 months of age she was found skinny, dirty and scared.  Duchess is now in RACS 'care.  She has had a vet check, was vaccinated, treated for worms and ear mites.  She is available for adoption but will be pre-booked to be spayed through RAC within the next month or so.  Her foster parents have said she's a sweet little thing who's curious, playful and loving.  If you are interested in adopting this little peanut please email Adoption fee is $ 125