Pandora was found this past fall tending to 5 kittens.


She was taken into care before winter set in and has been ever so grateful for that. She adores affection and wants to be by her foster moms side at all times. 


Despite being 5 years old she’s not lost her love for play. Whether she’s entertaining herself with toys or playing with the other cats in her foster home.


Pandora is spayed and vaccinated and now ready for a home of her own. If you are interested in meeting her please contact us at
Adoption fee is $125




Meet Valentino. This beautiful 2-year-old had been relying on the feeding station of a RAC volunteer and was suffering from a severe abscess on his upper leg. Now well healed, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, "Tino" has blossomed in his foster home. He is super playful, a great conversationalist, and he loves to give hugs. Tino gets along well with other cats. This handsome boy is ready for his forever home.


Valentino has been placed in foster care where he is thriving now that he has a steady food source and a caring foster mom.


Adoption fee $125. Contact us at



Oskar was humanely trapped last summer, treated for a ear mites, neutered and vaccinated. Due to a lack of available fosters, he was released back outside but was provided with a constant supply of food and water. Sadly, Oskar didn’t do well and ended up at the RHS with a bowel obstruction and badly diseased teeth. Luckily RAC was contacted and was able to assist in getting him the vet care needed. Oskar was found to be an affectionate cat and RAC vowed to make his tough times a memory.


The entire community loved Oskar and  he was a fixture of the neighborhood. He was unfortunate in that many of the houses had multiple cats, or ones that didn't get along with him. He almost had a forever home but the person's health took a sharp decline and was unable to care for him anymore. 

I think the real heart of his story is that he has always very much been loved, but just never in the right place at the right time. 

Oskar is 7 years old and is an easy-going cat. He’s been waiting patiently for a forever home that is okay with giving him a stool softener and pill each day to ensure his bowel issue doesn’t reoccur. If you’re interested in this sweet fellow, please contact

Adoption fee $125.00




FOSTER HOME NEEDED! Meet Miso. This little beauty had been eating at the feeding station of a RAC member and peering in the window for a few weeks. Unclaimed and suspected abandoned, at only 6-7 months old at present, Miso was rescued. Sweet, affectionate, playful and full of charm, and now spayed, microchipped and vaccinated, this adorable kitten awaits a home. Please contact us at if you are able to foster Miso or if you are interested in adopting her.



Charlie spent the first 2.5 months of her life on the street until she was rescued by RAC.  She’s come a long way with the love and care of her foster dad.  Charlie loves spending time with her foster dad either curling up on his lap for a snooze or helping him out in the kitchen.  She is a quiet, mild-mannered girl and does well with the other cats in her multi-cat foster home.   Charlie is 8.5 months old, spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and tattooed.If you’re interested in Charlie, contact reginaalleycats@gmail.comAdoption fee: $125       

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